‘’Business Class, Wearing Gucci With Our Money’’| Uproar As Dr Malinga Takes Off In Business Class

Netizens are closely monitoring musician Dr Malinga’s financial activities, and his recent flaunting of business class travel, coupled with his choice of white Gucci sneakers, has sparked controversy on social media.


Doctor Goodwill Malinga, popularly known as the Via Orlando hitmaker, has faced accusations of “exploiting” the financial assistance he received from fans last year, following the emergence of a recent picture showing him flying business class.

One social media user commented: “Dr Malinga udla imali zethu kabi [Dr Malinga is pending our money recklessly]”

While another asked: “Why is Dr Malinga sitting in a business class and wearing Gucci with our money.”


In September of the previous year, Dr Malinga deeply moved numerous fans when he shared a candid and emotional interview on Podcast and Chill, discussing his struggles with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

His heartfelt recounting of how his assets were auctioned off in July, as a result of a R2.1 million tax bill, struck a chord with many. Fans were compelled to show their support by offering him financial assistance.

During his conversation with MacG and Sol, Dr Malinga disclosed that following the Durban July event in 2019, he managed to settle R1 million of his R2.1 million debt.

He committed to paying whatever amount he could thereafter. However, his financial situation took a turn for the worse when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, leading to a significant decline in gig opportunities and exacerbating his monetary struggles.

The musician was stripped of his furniture, music equipment and a bakkie — a combined total of R500 000 worth of movable assets.

“They took everything. When you enter my house, if you don’t have a heart, you will laugh. My house is empty,” he said in the interview.

When questioned about the amount he still owed, Dr Malinga disclosed that his outstanding debt stood at R500,000.

Following the interview, fans generously contributed whatever they could, resulting in his debt being reduced to R300,000, as reported in his interview with City Press.

He mentioned that approximately R100,000 was raised through the support of local celebrities and his dedicated fan base.

“We have raised R100 000 through donations of R10, R13, R1 500, and artists donated with many things, including bookings,” he said.


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