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Burna Boy, a famous musician from Nigeria, released a short track in honour of AKA, a famous South African hip-hop artist, who sadly passed away this past weekend after being shot.

Burna Boy AKA
The late rapper AKA [Image Credit: AKA/Instagram]

Burna Boy was shocked after learning of AKA’s death, rapping that the tragic death of the Fella in Versace singer “took me out of a positive mood.”

The two used to be good friends but eventually became rivals in the music business.
Burna Boy and AKA were no longer on good terms with each other despite working together on a hit song called “All Eyes on Me.”

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Burna Boy posted an emotional song on his Instagram, rapping about what happened between him and AKA. In this rap song, he expressed his sadness and past experiences with the late South African rapper.

On the song, the Last Last hitmaker referenced a moment when AKA saw him with a gun and the Nigerian proposed he [AKA] should carry one too when travelling.

“WTF is all of that about/ I just heard he died, seen that video at that restaurant/Took me out of a positive mood/Took me back to that day when you saw my (gun), and you said I was wild/
Then I told you you should have one too/Cuz it weren’t like niggaz wasn’t dying, but I thought you knew/
And I ain’t really fuck with you/But I didn’t want you dead, it was like that with me and you/
Wicked!/I hope they catch whoever did you wicked/I hope you rest in peace, even though we ain’t kick it/At the end of the day we some grown ass niggaz,” rapped Burna Boy.

Burna Boy’s tribute to AKA sparked noise among people in the music business. Many people praised him for paying an emotional tribute to AKA after staying quiet for almost a week.

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