Brenda Fassie Biopic Still In The Making – Bongani Reassures Fans

Fans say they cannot wait any longer for their beloved late music icon Brenda Fassie’s biopic. It seems social media users not only from South Africa but from the entire continent are in anguish, waiting for their beloved icon’s biopic.

“@TheNengers If I ever had to play someone in a biopic. My top three in no particular order would have to be – E.V.E the rapper – Brenda Fassie – Patience Jonathan.”

“@TheeFutureWorld This reminded me that we still need a Brenda Fassie biopic…”

“@Kings_Babie Zikhona is the only one allowed to portray Brenda Fassie in anything film related”

“@usiseko The Brenda Fassie bio film never arrived nhe? Last time I checked it was trapped in greedy power struggles.”

The late icon’s son Bongani recently took to social media reassuring lovers of MaBrrr as Brenda was affectionately known, that the movie is in the making and that they can expect something soonest.

“Bongani Fassie: @IamBONGZ In progress . Expect the Brenda Fassie Movie Soonest”

Last year social media went into a heated debate trying to decide who should portray the late Weekend Special icon. Emmy Award Nominee Brenda Ngxoli, The Republic actress Masasa Mbangeni, as well as Soso Runqu is known for her role as Morongwe on SABC 3’s now canned a long time running soapie Isidingo, came out as the top three suggestions. 

It has been well over a year since the late Brenda Fassie’s son Bongani Fassie settled a court battle with Sello Chicco Twala for the production of the late icon’s much-awaited biopic. The two were embroiled in a bitter spat contesting who should narrate the late icon’s life story. Chicco argued that it was he as a close friend and producer who owns the rights to Brenda’s music, meanwhile, Bongani contended that he was better suited to tell the story as her son and only child. The squabble was settled in court and it was agreed that the love child of legendary 80’s pop group Brenda & The Big Dudes Bongani should tell his mother’s life story. 

Bongani who was born two years after the group’s 1983 hit single “My Baby Bongani”, promised that the biopic would be released in late 2020 or early 2021. Chicco has however not stopped trying to halt the movie and threatened that the biopic should not include music that he produced for Brenda. This is not the first time Fassie and Twala face each other in a court of law, in a lengthy battle for her estate after Brenda’s untimely death in 2004, Bongani accused Twala of defrauding his mother royalties due to her. Bongani finally won the case and inherited his mother’s estate allegedly worth R20 million in 2017. Reports later alleged that Bongani had lied about the amount and was broke and destitute. 


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