Police arrest suspects in the murder of Ditebogo-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has made significant progress in the case of five-year-old Ditebogo Phalane, who was tragically killed during a car hijacking incident. Authorities have successfully detained two suspects believed to be responsible for this heinous crime.

Details of the Incident

Last Friday, in the Block UU area of Soshanguve, Pretoria, young Ditebogo was fatally shot while trying to greet his father, Ditebego Phalane. The family vehicle, a white Hilux bakkie, was being hijacked by armed assailants at the time. Despite immediate medical attention and transportation to Botshilu Private Hospital, Ditebogo was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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Swift Police Action Leads to Arrests

Two men suspected of the murder of Ditebogo Phalani arrested-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Following the tragic event, SAPS initiated an extensive manhunt for the perpetrators. Their efforts culminated nearly a week later with the arrest of the suspects in Soshanguve, north of Tshwane. The prompt action taken by the police has been met with widespread public approval.

Community Reactions: Applause and Outrage

South Africans have expressed a mix of relief and frustration over the arrests. While many commend the police for their swift response, some social media users have voiced their desire for harsher, more immediate forms of justice, such as mob justice or the death penalty.

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Selected Public Reactions

@SelokaneTu52240: “Well done SAPS for cracking the Soshanguve murder case of the 5 year old Ditebogo. The community also played a pivotal role. Gen. Mthombeni we applaud your leadership.”

@Ltd_Pty: “Let’s give a round of applause, our police units are working overtime these days.”

@iamYoungNic_17: “Hand them over to the community, mob justice is the best way.”

@Strauss4dj: “They still alive? No maaaaan, you’re joking, haven’t you learned from KZN?”

@Gov_pub1: “Death penalty, I say…. punishment should fit the crime.”

@JayDi1984: “Police in S.A don’t work until they start looking for you. Shout out to them for a good job. I pray they prepare a docket that will send these guys away for life or better yet give them bail and drop them off midday at a taxi rank in Soshanguve or Tembisa.”

@Bsim0: “They don’t deserve to go to jail, hand them over to the community to deal with them.”


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