Bonnie Mbuli Address Gender-Based Violence On Mothers Day

Bonnie is quite possibly one of Mzansi’s most well-known celebrities that never settles for less in their decisions. Plus, she is a solid family lady that is continually standing strong for her family. The entertainer is currently a radio and TV host, and she has dynamically assembled her name in high stream web-based media stages.

Other than her job on TV, Mbuli is delightful to follow on social media, especially on Instagram. Her snazzy and in-vogue ways of life are essentially unimaginable and fashionable.

Bonnie Mbuli

Bonnie Mbuli is a multi-talented entertainer with a few capabilities including a radio show, TV show, and acting. Her fashion sense in design and hairstyles never disappoint, and in spite of her defeats, she always bounces back.

Most recently, Bonnie chose to speak up and voice her opinion on gender-based violence. But what made it quirky was the day she chose to share her tweet and it did not exactly fall in the favor of women.

The radio host tweeted,

” you don’t want to hear this .. I don’t either, but Who raised these men? We did! ”

Unfortunately, the tweet wasn’t met with the most favorable responses. One Twitter user replied saying,

“Women were raised in the very same conditions and we’re not half the animals men are, what’s your point? “

While another Twitter user replied saying,

Can’t women take a break like for real we are being blamed for everything that goes wrong in a men’s lives. When are we going to ask the ones who didn’t raise the men. “

After a string of negative replies, Bonnie responded with an insight into where she stands in the involvement of women raising boys who grow up to be abusive men. Bonnie had the following to say,

” I’m raising two boys and I’ve witnessed in me a temptation to copy paste how I saw women around me raise boys , what we say to them abt their identity based on their fathers sins, what we blame them 4, how we project toxicity onto them and I’ve had to be mindful. We are responsible. “

Bonnie Mbuli

What are your thoughts folks? Did she have a valid point and was the timing just off or was she being too harsh on mothers?


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