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Bonang Matheba Bags Miss South Africa Judging Gig

Renowned South African TV presenter and reality TV star, Bonang Matheba, is set to join the judging panel for the very first Miss South Africa television show, Crown Chasers. The show will premiere on SABC3 on Saturday, 8 July, at 16:00. Bonang, who has achieved great success in radio and television and has a massive fan base both at home and abroad, is excited to play a crucial role in selecting the next Miss South Africa.

Looking for an Extraordinary Ambassador

BonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@Twitter
BonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@Twitter

According to Bonang, she is searching for a contestant who embodies the qualities of a great ambassador. She wants someone who is passionate about their CSI projects, advocates for social justice, and serves as a spokesperson for the youth of South Africa. The ideal candidate should be relatable, proudly South African, and carry herself with dignity, grace, and elegance. Additionally, a captivating personality and a special X-factor are crucial attributes Bonang is looking for in the next Miss South Africa.

About the Miss South Africa ‘Crown Chasers’ Show

The Miss South Africa ‘Crown Chasers’ show consists of five episodes, each lasting 60 minutes. Throughout the series, the finalists will face real-life scenarios, taking on challenges based on the four pillars of Miss South Africa: duty, championship, empowerment, and beauty. Every week, a challenge winner will be chosen by a judging panel, including Bonang and Leandie du Randt, along with a celebrity guest judge.

Bonang Matheba-Image Source(Instagram)
Bonang Matheba-Image Source(Instagram)

At the end of each episode, the judges will eliminate one contestant, leaving seven finalists to compete in the live grand finale on 13 August. The grand finale will be held at Sun International’s prestigious venue, the SunBet Arena at Time Square in Pretoria.

Bonang’s Perspective on ‘Crown Chasers’

Bonang believes that ‘Crown Chasers’ will provide a unique opportunity to get to know the contestants on a deeper level. Throughout the challenges, viewers will witness the girls’ true personalities, their ability to handle tough situations, their interactions with others, and their presence both on and off camera. By the time the winner is crowned, the audience will have a comprehensive understanding of her character and values.

‘Crown Chasers’ represents a fresh perspective on pageantry, challenging the status quo. Bonang is thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking show, which aims to empower young women. She encourages viewers to tune in, find inspiration, and witness the transformation of pageantry in the changing world.

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