Boity Thulo before surgery-Image Source@InstagramBoity Thulo before surgery-Image Source@Instagram

Boity Thulo Achieves Dream of Breast Reduction Surgery

Boity Thulo, the renowned rapper, is ecstatic as she finally fulfills her dream of undergoing breast reduction surgery. In a recent post on her timeline, she opened up about her decision to undergo a mastopexy, a procedure she had in late February. Boity expressed that her motivation behind the surgery was her struggle with lower back pains caused by her larger breasts, as well as the impact on her clothing choices.

A Heartfelt Note of Gratitude to Dr. Bruce Lelala

Boity Thulo took the opportunity to pen a sincere note of appreciation to her doctor, Dr. Bruce Lelala, who provided unwavering support throughout her surgical journey. She shared before and after footage to showcase the transformation. Boity expressed her gratitude, not only for Dr. Lelala’s exceptional work but also for his care and compassion during the healing process. She commended his availability whenever she needed reassurance, going above and beyond to ensure her peace of mind.

Boity wrote, “I decided to take the plunge and undergo a procedure that has brought me more benefits than I had anticipated. A mastopexy, which involves breast reduction and lift, has made a tremendous difference. I want to thank Dr. Bruce for his remarkable expertise and for his unwavering support throughout my healing journey. He has been there for me, from random stress-induced calls to going the extra mile to ensure my well-being.”

Pride in Working with a Highly Qualified Black Surgeon

Boity Thulo expressed her immense pride in collaborating with one of the most skilled and qualified black surgeons on the continent. She recognized the importance of representation and diversity in the medical field. Boity conveyed her appreciation, saying, “Thank you, Doc. When the time comes, I’ll be reaching out to you for a mommy makeover!”

Boity Thulo before surgery-Image Source@Instagram
Boity Thulo before surgery-Image Source@Instagram

Gratitude for the Supportive Caregivers

In addition to acknowledging her doctor, Boity Thulo extended her heartfelt thanks to her loved ones who provided exceptional care during her healing process. She expressed her gratitude to her mother, Modiehi, her friend Lerato, and her grandmother for their unwavering support and nurturing during this time.

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