Pearl Thusi and Sello Maake kaNcube with Zimbabwean President-Image Source@TwitterPearl Thusi and Sello Maake kaNcube with Zimbabwean President-Image Source@Twitter

‘Bloody Sell Out’ Pearl Thusi Faces Backlash For Dining With Zimbabwean President

Pearl Thusi, a South African actress and media personality, has sparked outrage among South Africans and Zimbabweans for endorsing the ruling party of Zimbabwe, ZANU PF, ahead of the upcoming elections.

Why Pearl Thusi Visited Zimbabwe

According to reports, Pearl Thusi was invited to Zimbabwe by the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry to promote the country as a tourist destination. She was part of a delegation that included other celebrities such as Sello Maake KaNcube, Somizi Mhlongo, and Vusi Nova.

The visit was meant to showcase the beauty and diversity of Zimbabwe, as well as to encourage South Africans to visit their neighboring country. Pearl Thusi shared some pictures and videos of her trip on her social media platforms, expressing her admiration for Zimbabwe’s culture, wildlife, and people.

Pearl Thusi Angers The Public by endorsing Zimbabwean President

However, not everyone was impressed by Pearl Thusi’s positive portrayal of Zimbabwe. Many people were outraged when they saw pictures of her wearing a ZANU PF scarf and posing with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other officials. ZANU PF is the ruling party of Zimbabwe, which has been accused of human rights violations, corruption, and economic mismanagement.

Many people felt that Pearl Thusi was being insensitive and ignorant of the plight of millions of Zimbabweans who are suffering from poverty, unemployment, inflation, and repression. They accused her of being paid to endorse a dictatorship and betraying the solidarity between South Africans and Zimbabweans.

Pearl Thusi and Passion Java-Image Source@Twitter
Pearl Thusi and Passion Java-Image Source@Twitter

What People Said About Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi faced a barrage of criticism and mockery on social media from both South Africans and Zimbabweans. Some of the reactions are as follows:

  • “Pearl Thusi is a disgrace to South Africa. She is supporting a regime that has killed and tortured thousands of innocent people. She should be ashamed of herself.” – @MandlaNcube
  • “Pearl Thusi is clueless about the reality of Zimbabwe. She is enjoying the privileges of being a celebrity while millions are starving and dying. She is a sellout and a hypocrite.” – @TendaiMoyo
  • “Pearl Thusi is an embarrassment to the entertainment industry. She is promoting a country that has no freedom of expression, no democracy, no human rights. She is a puppet and a fool.” – @SiphoDlamini
  • “Pearl Thusi is a joke. She is wearing a scarf that symbolizes oppression, corruption, and violence. She is a traitor and a loser.” – @LeratoMoloi

Pearl Thusi has not responded to the backlash yet. It remains to be seen how her controversial visit will affect her career and reputation.

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