Blood and Water Cast-Image Source@InstagramBlood and Water Cast-Image Source@Instagram

Blood & Water Season 4: Production Underway

Netflix recently took to Instagram to share some thrilling news with fans of the hit series, Blood & Water. In a clip posted on their timeline, the streaming giant announced that production for the highly anticipated fourth season is officially underway.

Cast Members Return in Style

The short video clip featured the show’s talented cast members, Ama Qamata and Khosi Ngema, dressed in their iconic school uniforms. They were joined by their co-stars, creating an exciting buzz among fans. The cast members took this opportunity to share a secret with their devoted followers.

Thriving Beyond the Show

While the actors may be known for their roles on the captivating drama series, they have been pursuing other endeavors that have kept them in the public eye. Ama Qamata, in a recent sit-down interview with Mpoomy Ledwaba on the Wisdom and Wellness podcast, shared her experience of turning down various gigs that did not resonate with her vision.

Blood and Water Cast-Image Source@Instagram
Blood and Water Cast-Image Source@Instagram

Ama stated, “I want to be intentional. I want to be positioned in a way where we say that this is Africa’s girl. When things are aligned, challenges may arise, but these challenges exist to help us grow and learn.”

New Book Release: Becoming an Actor

In another exciting development, actor Arno Greeff released a new book titled Becoming an Actor. Taking to Instagram, Arno expressed his enthusiasm about this project, specifically targeting young and aspiring actors.

Arno shared, “After dedicating the past year to this endeavor, I am thrilled to finally unveil my latest book, Becoming an Actor. This book is a comprehensive guide for all those aspiring actors who are uncertain about where to begin their journey.”

The talented actor also announced that pre-orders for the book are now available on his website. Additionally, he teased his followers with the promise of captivating content in the coming weeks, emphasizing the importance of sharing the book with friends and family who might benefit from it.

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