Anthony Anderson and Banyana Banyana-Image Source@TwitterAnthony Anderson and Banyana Banyana-Image Source@Twitter

Black-ish Star Anthony Anderson Shows Support For Banyana Banyana At The World Cup

American actor and comedian Anthony Anderson has been making the most of his time in South Africa since arriving in June. From grocery shopping at Woolies to partying at Rands Club in Khayelitsha, he has been spotted at various locations, endearing himself to locals with his down-to-earth nature and friendly interactions. Most recently, Anderson was seen attending a netball game in Western Cape where he took the opportunity to congratulate the South African national women’s soccer team, Banyana Banyana, on their historic achievement of securing a spot in the Women’s World Cup.

Tweeps React to Anderson’s Message

During a live video posted on Twitter, Anthony Anderson sent his well-wishes to Banyana Banyana and also showed support for the Spar Proteas. He said, “It’s your boy Anthony Anderson from Black-ish. Wishing the Banyanas Banyanas and telling them congratulations for making it to the last 16; and to the Spar Proteas, Yeah, let’s go tonight, let’s go!” His unique and enthusiastic way of referring to the soccer team amused many Twitter users, and his message garnered a lot of attention online.

“The Banyanas Banyanas, 😭 Let’s go,” @BhekiBolt reacted.

“Way he said BanyanasBanyanas, for a minute I started searching for some Spanish team that just made it into LA Liga,” @matom37 said.

“He’s at home here. Shout out to Anthony Anderson man. Mega love. He’s enjoying himself here 🙏🏾❤,” @Buja3D wrote.

“We should give him a name already Lesetja maybe… He’s still around?” @Dipuo1026 replied.

“The guy behind is sending the message by Morse code with his eyes,” @mwingereza commented.

Anderson’s Enthusiasm Wins Hearts

The netizens’ reactions were a mix of amusement and appreciation for Anderson’s genuine support for South African sports. Many joked about giving him South African citizenship due to his evident love for the country. His lively presence and contagious enthusiasm have made him a favorite among locals, and his appearances at various events have added excitement to the social scene in Cape Town.

Banyana Banyana-Image Source@Twitter
Banyana Banyana-Image Source@Twitter

From Hollywood to Cape Town: Anderson’s Connection

It’s not just the Netball World Cup that brought Anthony Anderson to Cape Town; he seems to have developed a special connection with the city and its people. His extended stay in South Africa has allowed him to explore different aspects of the country’s culture and lifestyle, endearing himself to the locals even more.

Supporting Women’s Sports

By cheering on Banyana Banyana and the Spar Proteas, Anthony Anderson has also highlighted the importance of supporting women’s sports. His involvement in promoting women’s soccer and netball has been warmly welcomed by fans and sports enthusiasts alike. As a well-known celebrity, his actions carry significant weight in encouraging more attention and recognition for female athletes.

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