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A recent video circulating on social media has captured the attention of many, revealing the internationally renowned South African DJ, Black Coffee, attending a church service at Rhema Bible Church in Randburg.

Turning to Faith After a Near-Death Experience

Black Coffee, who survived a harrowing plane accident in January, seems to have taken a spiritual turn by embracing church life. In the short video clip, still wearing a neck brace from the accident, Black Coffee can be seen moving to the front of the church, welcomed by the pastor and ministers. He then proceeds to the pulpit, where he publicly dedicates his life to God.

Social Media Reacts to Black Coffee’s Faith Journey

The video has triggered an outpouring of reactions on social media, with users expressing joy and support for Black Coffee’s decision to embrace faith in the wake of his near-death experience.

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Black Coffee On Divorce-Image Source(Instagram)
Black Coffee spotted at church-Image Source(Instagram)

Reactions on Social Media:

  • @_KealebogaMO: “Black Coffee giving his life to Jesus Christ is the Best thing I’ve ever seen so far in 2024 😭🙌🏽🙌🏽 Glory Be to GOD!! 😃”
  • @Kideo_Mah: “Massive respect for Coffee. That’s the ultimate decision in life. He has done it all now he needs peace and serenity.”

Speculations and Skepticism Arise

Despite the positive reactions, some social media users express scepticism about the sudden trend of South African celebrities, including Cassper Nyovest and now Black Coffee, turning to Christianity. Speculations about the end of the world and conspiracy theories have emerged.

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Sceptical Voices:

  • @KingVegan: “The Illuminati about to collect their dues from these celebs…the other rapper with a ponytail is busy with Jesus now all of a sudden.”
  • @chulu_mok: “Something weird is going on. ‘Celebrities’ dedicating themselves to God on camera. I am not buying none of this. end days are near.”

While some attribute the trend to near-death experiences prompting a spiritual awakening, others remain skeptical, questioning the authenticity of these public declarations.

It remains to be seen how Black Coffee’s newfound faith will impact his life and career in the long run.



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