Black Coffee On Divorce-Image Source(Instagram)Black Coffee On Divorce-Image Source(Instagram)

Black Coffee Speaks Out On Divorce From Enhle Mbali And Marriage Plans

Black Coffee, the famous producer, talked about his failed marriage to actress Enhle Mbali in an interview on the Podcast And Chill. He said their marriage became strained as their priorities changed.

Black Coffee said that one goal in a relationship is to understand each other’s pain. He wants to be there for his “dusty little boy” and give him lots of hugs. He is working on himself to become a better person.

Black Coffee On Divorce-Image Source(Instagram)
Black Coffee On Divorce-Image Source(Instagram)

As time passed, they wanted different things, and problems arose. After a difficult divorce, Black Coffee decided he won’t get married again. He is happy with his current relationship, but he hasn’t revealed who he’s with.

Black Coffee Opens Up About His Divorce

The DJ agreed to the podcast interview after Enhle accused him of Gender Based Violence on Instagram. He later tweeted that he was not okay and agreed to the tell-all interview. In the podcast interview, Black Coffee bared all on his marriage with Enhle and life after divorce.

The two are now communicating through emails as the DJ says that he wants evidence of their chats if ever he is in a case where they are lied about. He also rubbished the allegations of abuse and said if he had abused Enhle that would have been in their divorce papers.

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)
Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali-Image Source(Instagram)

Black Coffee believes that society puts too much pressure on people to get married, but he’s found peace in his life without that pressure. In his own words, Black Coffee had this to say about his love life and marriage:

“Today, I know for a fact I won’t get married again. I’m clear about that because I am now in a better space in understanding who I am. I also understand the kind of pressure society puts you in without ever backing you up. I am with someone, and I am in the most peaceful place with that understanding that there is no pressure.”

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