Black Coffee injured in airplane accidentBlack Coffee spotted at church-Image Source@X
Renowned South African DJ, Black Coffee, has finally spoken out following a recent aircraft accident that was disclosed by his management team.

Last week, an official statement from his team revealed that he encountered a “severe travel accident” while en route to a performance in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

According to reports from reliable sources, including The Daily Mail, the incident led to the DJ undergoing surgery due to injuries sustained during an emergency landing of his private plane at Montevideo Airport. The emergency landing was prompted by severe turbulence.

Although the team did not provide detailed information about the extent of the 47-year-old’s injuries, they reassured the public, stating, “We can confirm that he is receiving the best possible medical attention and is surrounded by a supportive family and team.”

Black Coffee’s Hospitalization Update

Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as Black Coffee took to social media to update his 5.3 million followers on his recovery progress.

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Sharing a series of emojis, the DJ seems to be recuperating at home in South Africa and expressing gratitude for his blessings.

Users on the platform quickly extended their well-wishes for a speedy recovery, although some found the post to be cryptic in nature.

Post-Accident Developments and Personal Insights

This recent update comes shortly after Black Coffee’s estranged wife, Enhle Mbali, addressed certain misconceptions in an Instagram Live session.

She clarified various controversies, including the backlash she received for posting a seemingly unrelated meme shortly after news of the plane accident broke.

The 35-year-old also confronted her detractors, emphasizing that she would not delete the IG Live video to prevent any potential misuse against her in the ongoing divorce case initiated in November.

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Addressing social media scrutiny, Mbali stated, “I don’t care for him; I only care about his wellbeing and for my children.”

In an unexpected revelation, Mbali hinted that Black Coffee might be a new father, asserting, “I don’t care; it’s his life.”

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