Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)

Blac Chyna’s Ripple Effect: Sithelo Shozi Finds Salvation And Leaves Her Wild Lifestyle

Sithelo Shozi, the mother of Andile Mpisane’s child, has reportedly turned to Jesus Christ after a tumultuous period in her life. Sithelo’s transformation is reminiscent of Blac Chyna, an American reality TV star who also found solace in religion.

A Series of Trials and Tribulations

Sithelo Shozi’s life has been rife with drama over the past few years. In 2021, she accused the father of her children of physically assaulting her. Following her split from her baby daddy, there were even rumours that Sithelo had become homeless.

Sithelo Shozi finds Salvation

According to a close family friend who spoke to the press on the condition of anonymity, Sithelo has rebranded herself and thrown away her previous image. The DJ reportedly repented and was baptised, embracing a new faith.

Sithelo Shozi finds Jesus
Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)

“She has been through a lot, and she deserves a break. Her mental well-being has been compromised, and when she went off social media, she was re-evaluating her life and found God again,” the close friend told the publication.


Sithelo Shozi has undergone a remarkable transformation, according to the anonymous source. She now dresses modestly for events, eschewing her previous provocative style. She can also be found quoting verses from the Bible.

“For functions, she dresses less provocatively. She wears her all-white prayer clothes and quotes Bible verses,” the close friend told ZiMoja.

Sithelo has taken to social media to share her newfound faith, writing, “At any moment in your life, you must be willing to sacrifice who you are for who you want to become.”

 Sithelo’s Cryptic Response

When contacted for comment, Sithelo responded cryptically, saying, “I am what I want to be. Write anything you like,” before abruptly hanging up.

The Ripple Effect of Blac Chyna

Sithelo Shozi’s story is just one example of the ripple effect of Blac Chyna’s decision to embrace Christianity. The American star, who was previously known for her wild antics, has been vocal about her newfound faith, which has inspired others to seek solace in religion.

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