Big Brother Winner Khosi TwalaKhosi Twala-Image Source(Twitter)

Big Brother Titans Winner Khosi Twala Receives R100K from Twitter Fans

Khosi Twala, the winner of Big Brother Titans, has been receiving a lot of blessings lately. She recently received R100K from 11 of her Twitter fans. Khosi has been living the dream life since her victory at the reality show.

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A Dream Come True after winning Big Brother Titans

Winning Big Brother Titans was a significant achievement for Khosi Twala. She walked away with $100K, which was just the beginning of her life full of money. Her fans have been showering her with gifts and cash ever since.

Khosi Twala
Khosi Twala-Image Source(instagram)

If she walks down the street, it’s no longer a surprise that she’ll come back with some cash. The 25-year-old model is enjoying the benefits of her victory, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

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Khosi Twala on receiving money fro Twitter fans

Khosi was amazed and couldn’t believe what she saw when she received the R100K from her 11 Twitter friends. She even referred to it as a long dream that was taking too long to end. She’s not ready for the dream to end yet.

Khosi Twala gets money from fans
Khosi Twala-Image Source(Instagram)

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Love and Support from Fans

Khosi’s fans from all over the world have been sending her congratulatory messages and showing their love and support. They’re happy to see her enjoying the benefits of her hard work.

One fan commented, “Nah girl! This love looks amazing on you!❤️ You deserve everything & more 🔥🔥.” Another fan said, “The negativity is too small compared to the love we have for you, and I’m glad you’re starting to understand that.. khosireigns got your back for life🙌❤️.”

Khosi Twala’s victory at Big Brother Titans has brought her a lot of good things. She’s enjoying her life to the fullest, and her fans are happy to see her happy.

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