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Bheki Cele Responds To Sizok’thola Crew’s safety demands

According to reports, Police Minister Bheki Cele has stated that the South African Police Service (SAPS) is not obliged to provide protection to the host and crew of the Moja Love show Sizok’thola. The show, which exposes drug dealers and addicts, has been facing death threats and legal troubles after one of the suspects died following an interrogation by the crew.

Sizok’thola under investigation for alleged crime

The death of the suspect, who was allegedly involved in drug dealing, is currently being investigated by the authorities. Moja Love has confirmed that they are cooperating with the investigation and that they have taken measures to ensure the security of their staff. The host of the show, Xolani Khumalo, and his crew have been receiving support from the public, who have praised them for their bravery and dedication to fighting drug abuse.

Cele says Moja Love should pay for protection

However, Cele has reportedly expressed a different view, saying that it is not the responsibility of the SAPS to offer protection to the Sizok’thola crew. He said that Moja Love, as the employer and beneficiary of the show, should be the one to pay for security services for their employees. He also said that Khumalo and his crew are not whistle-blowers or informers, but rather media workers who are doing their job voluntarily.

South Africans divided over Cele’s remarks

Cele’s remarks have sparked mixed reactions from South Africans on social media. Some have agreed with him, saying that Moja Love is making money from the show and should use it to protect their staff. Others have disagreed with him, saying that Khumalo and his crew are doing a public service that the SAPS should appreciate and support. Sizok’thola has been airing on Moja Love since 2021 and has exposed several drug dens and dealers across the country. However, it has also been linked to two deaths, one by suicide and one by alleged torture.

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