Beyoncé and Uncle Waffles-Image Source@InstagramBeyoncé and Uncle Waffles-Image Source@Instagram

Beyoncé Adds Uncle Waffles’ Tanzania to Her Renaissance World Tour Set

Beyoncé, an international force in the music industry, recently showed love to South African DJ Uncle Waffles by adding her song “Tanzania” to her Renaissance World Tour set.

Uncle Waffles has been making waves in the music industry with her Amapiano style, gaining significant recognition from international faces worldwide. Beyoncé’s recognition of Uncle Waffles’ work has excited South Africans, and many hope to see Uncle Waffles open for Beyoncé during her South Africa tour.

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Uncle Waffles Takes the Stage at Coachella and the Met Gala

Uncle Waffles has been getting much recognition worldwide, performing at Coachella and the Met Gala. At both events, she showcased her unique sound, captivating audiences with her blend of Amapiano styles. Her performances were well-received by critics and fans, and she gained a significant following.

Beyoncé’s shoutout to Uncle Waffles during her Renaissance World Tour set demonstrates her support for up-and-coming artists like Uncle Waffles. Beyoncé’s gesture highlights the significance of pushing the boundaries of music and bringing new sounds to the forefront.

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Uncle Waffles Gets Shoutouts from International Stars

Uncle Waffles has received recognition from various international stars on social media. Drake was one of the first to follow Uncle Waffles on Instagram, and Kehlani also showed her love for Uncle Waffles’ work.

Uncle Waffles and Ciara

Uncle Waffles and Ciara
Uncle Waffles and Ciara-Image Source@Instagram

After getting a set at Coachella, Uncle Waffles danced with Ciara, who gave her a shoutout. Uncle Waffles was later given a set at the Met Gala after-party, where she rubbed shoulders with other famous faces at the event.

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Twitter Reacts to Beyoncé Adding Tanzania to Her Set

When the video of “Tanzania” being played on Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour surfaced on Twitter, fans were ecstatic and offered Uncle Waffles their congratulations. Many hoped to see her open for Beyoncé during her South Africa tour.

The recognition that Uncle Waffles has been receiving from Beyoncé and other international stars showcases the power of social media in bringing attention to up-and-coming artists. As Uncle Waffles’ star continues to shine, fans eagerly anticipate her next move.

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