Behind The Wheel, Behind On Payments|  Gomora Katlego Danke's BMW Dreams Turn Into A Legal Nightmare

Behind The Wheel, Behind On Payments| 
Gomora Actress Katlego Danke’s BMW Dreams Turn Into A Legal Nightmare

Gomora Actress Katlego Danke is embroiled in a court battle after she reportedly failed to pay for her luxurious BMW which is valued at almost R1 million.

Legal action has been taken by SuperDrive Investments against the actress for allegedly failing to fulfill her financial responsibilities towards the car.

As per the court papers, Katlego Danke violated the terms of the instalment arrangement by neglecting to pay the monthly sum of R10 821.01 for a 2013 BMW x5 Xdrive 501 M-Sport, City Press reports.

The agreement mandated the actress to make an initial payment of R35 000, followed by regular instalments and a final payment of R194 719.95, which was scheduled to be paid in September.

SuperDrive also cited that the same court had granted cancellation of the agreement, compelling Danke to surrender the vehicle.

To date, the defendant has failed to pay the instalments in terms of the agreement. Despite several attempts by the plaintiff’s authorised tracing agents, the plaintiff has to date been unsuccessful in locating the vehicle.

According to the documents, the sales contract for the vehicle was priced at R963 011.66, and at the time of the legal action, Katlego Danke still owed R402 797.34. The papers read:

In the event that, upon repossession of the asset, the plaintiff cannot sell the asset for an amount equal to the full outstanding balance, the defendant would be liable to pay the plaintiff the shortfall between the full outstanding balance, plus costs incurred.

Despite this, Katlego Danke’s legal representatives filed a notice of their intention to contest the lawsuit at the same court last month. However, a court date for the case has yet to be scheduled.

SuperDrive Investments also brought to light that the issue was not referred to a debt counsellor nor was it subjected to a review, as stated in their claim.

“The plaintiff would be entitled to claim costs on an attorney and client scale together with the collection commission should it be necessary for the plaintiff to institute an action against the defendant,” added the claim.

The publication further reports that Danke refused to answer enquiries about the crux of the dispute, saying: “I have no comment.”

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