Behind The Scenes Chaos: Muvhango Cast Members Stage Strike Over Unpaid Salaries

Despite appearing dedicated and happy on-screen, the cast of Muvhango is currently in the midst of a dramatic revolt against the production.

Muvhango Cast Stages Revolt Over Unpaid Salaries [Images: Facebook/Muvhango]

The actors, who are popular for their TshiVenda production, have taken action by striking for the second time in just three months due to unpaid salaries, City Press reports.

A few weeks ago, Word of Mouth Pictures, the production company behind the popular SABC 2 soapie, made headlines by dismissing CEO Mandla KaNozulu for alleged mismanagement of millions of rands.

A representative from the support staff at Muvhango’s Johannesburg studios recently informed City Press that the production team had a meeting with the cast members to update them on the current situation.

“Everyone was informed that there is no money and therefore we cannot be paid this month. We were told that our salaries will be paid later, and there is a delay once again because the SABC had delayed paying the company, and that affected our salaries.”

The cast and crew of Muvhango were informed on payday in November 2022 that they wouldn’t be paid due to a delay in payment from the SABC. The broadcaster confirmed the delay at that time.

One actor reported that some cast members traveled from as far as Venda in Limpopo to shoot scenes in Johannesburg, but had to return home without filming because their salaries were still unpaid.

We are not working this week because no one has been paid. The cast members from Venda left, and no scenes have been shot because our salaries are not in. We have asked them to inform us in time when there are [money] issues because it can’t be that we are always informed at the eleventh hour. We need prior notice so that we can make proper arrangements for our families and our other financial commitments.”

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