Ayanda Ncwane fallout with inlawsAyanda Ncwane-Image Source@Instagram

Ayanda Ncwane finds herself in a fallout with her former mother-in-law, Sifiso Ncwane’s mother. Despite her status as one of the most celebrated TV personalities, she has endured her fair share of dramatic episodes, ranging from royal disputes to a bitter fallout with her in-laws.

Family Ties Severed: Fikile Disowns Ayanda

Recent headlines have thrust Ayanda Ncwane into the spotlight once more, as Sfiso Ncwane’s mother, Fikile, has made the shocking decision to sever all ties with her. This development adds another layer of complexity to an already tumultuous relationship.

Fikile Ncwane, despite the passing of her son, Sfiso Ncwane, seven years ago, has engaged in a long-standing and public feud with Ayanda. However, the situation has escalated as Fikile officially disowns her daughter-in-law, making it clear that she no longer considers Ayanda part of the family.

Fikile Ncwane stated, “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a daughter-in-law. I disowned Ayanda a long time ago, but now I am making it official. I took that decision when she brought the police into my home, accusing me of ill-treatment and assault.”

Ayanda Ncwane fallout with mother in law
Ayanda Ncwane-Image Source@Instagram

A History of Discord

The root of their acrimonious relationship can be traced back to 2015 when their disputes first gained media attention. At the time, Sfiso Ncwane’s mother accused Ayanda’s late husband, Sfiso, of neglecting her needs and responsibilities as a son.

In response to these allegations, both Sifiso and Ayanda did not hold back, accusing Sfiso Ncwane’s mother of practising witchcraft. It is well-documented that Ayanda Ncwane’s last encounter with her mother-in-law was in 2016, in the wake of her husband’s tragic passing.

Reports from that time describe their interaction as nothing short of a hostile confrontation. In fact, Sfiso Ncwane’s family was even barred from attending the funeral service.

Legal Measures and Protection Orders

Fikile Ncwane recalled, “She went as far as applying for a protection order against me. I took that as a sign of her rejecting me as a mother-in-law.”

She continued, “The last time I saw Ayanda was in December 2016 at Sfiso’s funeral. Even then, our interaction was not a pleasant one; there was too much animosity. Most importantly, I was upset because I only saw Sfiso’s body for a few minutes, and I didn’t like what I saw.”

These ongoing disputes between Ayanda Ncwane and Fikile Ncwane illustrate the complexities of familial relationships in the spotlight, with unresolved tensions and legal battles further deepening the divide.

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