Ayanda Ncwane Addresses Her Haters On Instagram

Despite the fact that Ayanda Ncwane age is obscure (she ought to be in her early 30s considering she met Ncwane when she was 18 and they were together for around 15 years), it is in the public space that the dedicated woman was brought up in the country locale of Ndwedwe by her grandma.

Ayanda was hitched to the late S’fiso Ncwane back in 2002 in a lovely wedding. Sadly, S’fiso Ncwane died on December 5th, 2016 in light of kidney issues. Ayanda was left with two kids (Ngcweti Ncwane (14) and Mawenza Ncwane (11)) from the marriage.

As of late, Ayanda came out in disagreeing with customary laws and how she deems them to be ridiculous. As of late, Ayanda came out scrutinizing customary laws and how they unreasonably treat widows. As per culture, a widow should wear black grieving clothing for a year in a row after the passing of the spouse. She says that the decision must be the widow’s and not something constrained. Men are not exposed to such customs.

The businesswoman and reality tv star has been the objective of noxious bits of gossip for some time now from forging her late husband’s signature on his will, declining to let her spouses’ kids with different mothers profit from his bequest, and of late racism from her stints on Real Housewives of Durban.

However, she hasn’t let any of the negativity slow her down. She took to Instagram to share a message to her haters saying,

When they have to get together to put you down or try to destroy you. Well done 👏🏽….. you’re headed on the right direction 🤗…. in fact bamba la 👊🏽👊🏽 Skhokho uyinyisist 😜. Now go kill them with more kindness and success!!!”

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