Another Drug Dealer Exposed on Sizokthola Allegedly Shot DeadAnother Drug Dealer Exposed on Sizokthola Allegedly Shot Dead

Another Drug Dealer Exposed on Sizokthola Allegedly Shot Dead

Yet another drug dealer, who had recently been exposed on the popular Moja Love show, Sizokthola, has been tragically shot dead in his residence in Ballito.

Death After Recent Busting

This incident comes only a few weeks after the death of another alleged drug dealer, Robert “Kicks” Varrie, who was rumored to have been tortured in an attempt to extract information about drugs hidden in his own home.

Tweet Announcing the Tragic Incident

A Twitter user, known as Mbhele Xoli, was among the first to report the demise of the drug dealer:

“Farmer, Tenderpreneur, and Drug Dealer recently busted on #Sizokthola has been allegedly shot dead in his Ballito home,” the tweet read.

Public Reactions and Speculations

The news of the drug dealer’s death sparked numerous questions and reactions on social media:

  • One individual highlighted the perceived success rate of Sizokthola in comparison to the South African Police Service (SAPS) in combating crime, while acknowledging that the methods employed by the show might be a subject of debate.
  • Another user speculated whether the shooting was an attempt to silence the drug dealer from revealing the names of influential individuals involved in the drug trade.

Background on the Episode

The episode in which the deceased drug dealer appeared shed light on his background and activities:

  • He identified himself as a livestock farmer and claimed to be involved in government tenders.
  • It was mentioned on the show that he spent only one night in jail after his arrest.
  • He also had a girlfriend working at the municipality.
Sizokthola host-Image Source@Twitter
Sizokthola host-Image Source@Twitter

Final Thoughts

As investigations into the drug dealer’s death are likely to be ongoing, the circumstances surrounding his demise remain unclear. The Sizokthola show has been both praised for its role in exposing criminal activities and criticized for its unconventional methods. Meanwhile, public interest in this case continues to grow as people speculate about the possible reasons behind the tragic incident.

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