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Media personality Anele Mdoda recently ignited conversations on social media as she openly expressed her preference for cheating men over someone grappling with addiction or gambling issues.

Sharing her thoughts on X (formerly Twitter), Anele candidly admitted that, when faced with the challenging choice between a cheater, alcoholic, drug addict, or gambler, she would opt for the first option.

Anele Mdoda On Why She Prefers Cheating Men

The 947 presenter explained her rationale, emphasizing that, in her perspective, dealing with a cheating partner allows her to shield her children from potential harm. She argued that other options, such as addiction or gambling problems, could have an immediate and detrimental impact on the entire family, affecting the children’s education and inheritance.

“A cheating man I can protect my kids from. That is between me and him. An alcoholic, a gambler or a drug addict will affect the entire family immediately!!!! You will sink us and jeopardise kids schooling and legacy. Nah. Just nah. #AneleandTheClubon947,” Anele shared on X.

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Online Reactions: Anele’s Preference Spurs Debate

Naturally, her choice and line of reasoning set tongues wagging with others arguing that a cheating man is equally destructive. Taking to the comments section, a section of South Africans argued that a cheating man is not better than the other options.

Here are some of the noteworthy comments:

  • @Penelope_Makala: In due time the kids will find out that he’s cheating because they may bump into him outdoors. We cannot protect any😔 Everything affects us, you may think you’re holding everything together only to break down or lose yourself mentally. I disagree, kids deserve a healthy mom.
  • @thembampaxa: There’s no lesser evil here. Cheating is emotional abuse. That emotional abuse could possibly be inflicted upon the kids & manifest itself in different forms other than cheating.
  • @Musanathi2: Totally get this chat. Both are unfortunate but damn addiction is worse, it’s self-serving and no matter how much you support the person, their addiction can harm you in the process too. But both are so unfortunate. 😩
  • @MatyBongani: Cheating man is not a villain though as you guys like to put it
  • @arthurmngxekeza: All of the above is cheating in my books. You condone one, it’s only a matter of time before you deal with addiction issues. One has to tread carefully around addictive behaviour.

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