Anele Mdoda Is Trending On Kelly Rowland’s Birthday

It seems Kelly Rowland’s existence will forever haunt Anele Mdoda. The South African television and radio host was trending at number one this morning after the verified Destiny’s Child Twitter account tweeted a gorgeous image of Ms. Rowland in honor of her 40th birthday. 

@destinyschild:” Happy birthday to @KELLYROWLAND! “

It’s been almost two years since Anele replied to a tweet by Sizwe Dhlomo, where the former VJ turned radio personality claimed that Kelly Rowland was the hottest member of legendary chart-topping girl music band Destiny’s Child. Anele then responded to Sizwe and said that Kelly looked better with make-up than without.

The one time where Anele made snide comments about the American singer’s looks, always comes back to haunt her. Guns came blazing as both South African and American Twitter slammed Anele from all directions. It seems that Black Twitter on a global scale refuses to forgive Anele for her comments about Kelly’s looks.

South Africans first responded by bringing out all the banging pictures of Kelly before dragging Anele for filth, coming for everything starting with her tooth gap, weight, and even her sister Thembisa’s alleged infidelity in her failed marriage with Black Panther actor Atandwa Kani, the nasty divorce revealed that Kani was not the father of Tembisa’s twins.

This comes just five days after it was announced that Anele would be returning to our screens as the host of the second season of Celebrity Game Night on E! Earlier in the month it was announced that Anele Mdoda will also be a co-host of a new talk show on DSTV’s new channel, Honey. Mdoda will be alongside Pearl Umeh from Nigeria, Rachel Wakesho from Kenya, Zanna Kataoka from the DRC, and Davina Mavuwa from Zimbabwe. The talk show will air its debut on the 15th of February on DSTV’s new channel, Honey. The channel is Africa’s first channel focusing on original African lifestyle content. Honey will air on channel 173 and is set to premiere on the 12th of February.

Here are some comments of what Twitter had to say about Anele after the tweet by Destiny’s Child:

@lonwabo_mbuqwa : “Anele Mdoda needs to be arrested, no ways.”


@Sbonelo_Gasa: “ If I see this beautiful lady. I think of uAnele.”


@sheldon_cameron: “I wanna know what Anele was smoking.”


@Inenekazi1: ” Rasta and Anele have the same dealer shem…and he sells some strong stuff.”


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