Andile Mpisane and Sbu Mpisane-Image Source@InstagramAndile Mpisane and Sbu Mpisane-Image Source@Instagram

Andile Mpisane Celebrates Sbu Mpisane on Father’s Day

Royal AM Chairman Andile Mpisane joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Father’s Day with a heartfelt post dedicated to his father, Sbu Mpisane. Despite their alleged fallout with multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize, Andile has always praised his father.

Andile Mpisane Instagram Tribute

Taking to Instagram stories, Andile Mpisane posted a photo of his father and captioned it: “Happy Father’s Day.” This gesture shows Andile’s admiration for his father, highlighting his gentleness and fatherly qualities.

MaMkhize’s Mention of Sbu Mpisane on Instagram

Sbu Mpisane-Image Source@Instagram
Sbu Mpisane-Image Source@Instagram

MaMkhize, despite the public fallout with her estranged husband, also wished Sbu Mpisane a happy Father’s Day. She shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, acknowledging all fathers, including Sbu, and expressing her gratitude for their love and support.

Sbahle’s Tribute to Her Father

Sbahle, Sbu Mpisane’s daughter, also paid tribute to her father on Father’s Day. She shared a touching post captioned: “The value of a loving father has no price,” emphasizing the importance of her father’s role in her life.

Getting to Know Sbu Mpisane

Sbu Mpisane is a renowned business mogul with multiple investments under his name. Despite rumors of divorce and their fallout in 2018, he is reportedly still married to MaMkhize. He has two children, Andile Mpisane, who is the chairperson of Royal AM, and Sbahle.

Interestingly, Sbu reportedly resides with his family in the famous La Lucia mansion, even though he has a separate address from MaMkhize and the children.

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