Tamia and AndileTamia and Andile Mpisane-Image Source(instagram)

Andile Mpisane and his wife, Tamia, are elated to announce the arrival of their second daughter, a momentous occasion they’ve held close to their hearts. Although they’ve kept this news under wraps, reliable sources have now confirmed this heartwarming update.

Joyous Announcement on Social Media

Fans first learned of Tamia’s pregnancy a few months ago when she joyfully shared the news on her social media platforms. Since then, well-wishers have showered her with messages of love and congratulations. This new addition to their family marks Andile’s fourth daughter, joining his two other daughters, aged 3 and 2, from his previous relationship with DJ Sithelo Shezi. In May 2022, Andile and Tamia welcomed their first daughter, Miaandy.

Andile and Tamia exchanged vows in 2021. Tamia, a model and a successful entrepreneur, has been making significant strides in the fashion industry. She is the creative mind behind Amia-Nthuso, a clothing brand renowned for its unique African-inspired designs.

Tamia Mpisane-Image Source@Instagram
Tamia Mpisane-Image Source@Instagram

Andile & Tamia’s Exciting Family Reveal in Kwa Ma’Mkhize Season 2

The couple eagerly anticipates nurturing their growing family. According to a close source, they have deliberately kept the news of their new daughter confidential for now, with plans to unveil this delightful surprise during the upcoming second season of the Kwa Ma’Mkhize reality show.

“They will share this joyous news in due time, as they are reserving it for the show,” the insider revealed.

Friendship Tensions Emerge

In unrelated news, it appears that Andile Mpisane and Shaun Stylist are no longer maintaining their amicable rapport. Reports suggest that the two socialites are currently not in communication, with Shaun seemingly distancing himself from Andile.

Sources who spoke to ZiMoja indicate that Shaun is no longer a regular presence at the Mkhize mansion in La Lucia, nor is he serving as Andile’s mother’s stylist. Instead, he seems to be spending more time away from Andile. According to a source, Andile, the chairman of Royal AM, was surprised to unexpectedly encounter Shaun at a Johannesburg gas station, unaware that Shaun was even in the city.

However, Shaun has refuted these reports, asserting that he will always consider himself a supportive big brother to Andile.


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