Tamia and Andile Mpisane's baby Miaandy-Image Source@InstagramTamia and Andile Mpisane's baby Miaandy-Image Source@Instagram

Andile and Tamia Mpisane Celebrate Miaandy’s First Birthday with Social Media Reveal

Tamia and Andile Mpisane, parents to Miaandy, their firstborn child, are celebrating her first birthday in grand style. The couple, who had previously kept their daughter out of the spotlight, shared adorable photos of Miaandy on their social media pages on Monday, 15 May.

Tamia and Andile Mpisane introduce Miaandy to the world

In honor of Miaandy’s first birthday, Tamia shared a few glimpses of her first birthday photoshoot and took to social media to gush about her daughter. Tamia expressed her gratitude to God for the opportunity to love and protect Miaandy, whom she describes as smart, full of surprises, and eager to grow. Tamia also shared her joy in watching her daughter grow and change her world in many ways.

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On the other hand, Andile Mpisane, the Royal AM chairman and player, also shared a few pictures of his daughter, whom he refers to as a princess. He acknowledged Miaandy’s arrival into their lives, bringing a lot of love with her. Andile expressed his love for his daughter and delight at watching her grow.

Shaun Mkhize, Andile’s mom, who is affectionately known as MaMkhize, also joined in the celebrations with a sweet birthday message for Miaandy.

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Reflecting on Giving Birth

Tamia Mpisane with daughter-Image Source@Instagram
Tamia Mpisane with daughter-Image Source@Instagram

In addition to the sweet photos and messages shared, Tamia Mpisane took to her Instagram story to reflect on giving birth to Miaandy just a week after Mother’s Day was celebrated in 2022. Tamia reminisced on the day she held her daughter for the first time, and the world stood still. She expressed her gratitude for the blessing of motherhood and her daughter.


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