Sbuda Roc, Moozlie and TxC-Image Source@InstagramSbuda Roc, Moozlie and TxC-Image Source@Instagram

Amapiano DJing Duo TxC Responds to Allegations in Moozlie and Sbuda Roc Breakup

Amapiano DJing duo TxC, consisting of Tarryn Reid (26) and Clairise Hefke (28), have addressed the allegations surrounding rapper Moozlie and her ex-boyfriend Sbusiso “Sbuda Roc” Motloung’s recent breakup.

Details of the Breakup

According to a report by Zimoja over the weekend, media personality Nomuzi Mabena, popularly known as Moozlie, and Sbuda Roc ended their eight-year relationship, with Moozlie moving out of their shared residence. Sources revealed that Moozlie had hoped for marriage and children with Sbuda Roc but was deeply hurt by his alleged infidelity.

Alleged Cheating Scandal

Rumors circulated that Sbuda Roc cheated on Moozlie with one of the members of DJ duo TxC. An anonymous insider claimed that the affair had taken place and insinuated that the two are still together. The source also mentioned that Moozlie, who turned 30 last year, reflected on her decision to remain with a cheater.

Moozlie and Sbuda Roc’s Professional Relationship

Aside from their romantic involvement, Moozlie and Sbuda Roc had a professional partnership. Sbuda Roc served as Moozlie’s manager in addition to their personal relationship.

Moozlie’s Coping Mechanism

DJ TxC-Image Source@Instagram
DJ TxC-Image Source@Instagram

The artist reportedly confirmed the breakup during an interview on Massiv Metro last year. To deal with the emotional aftermath, Moozlie immersed herself in her work until she met her new partner, a businessman.

Past Controversies

This is not the first time Sbuda Roc has been involved in a cheating scandal. In 2015, he was linked to award-winning sportscaster Carol Tshabalala while reportedly having an affair with radio personality Sammy Sosa Lehoko.

DJ TxC’s Response

Upon discovering the allegations on Twitter, Tarryn Reid, one of the members of TxC, who was previously linked to amapiano singer Daliwonga, dismissed the claims and found them amusing. In a tweet, Reid stated, “Ew not our type. Not our type at all. So random 😭🤣.”

Moozlie’s breakup with Sbuda Roc has garnered significant attention, and DJ duo TxC, Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke, have denied any involvement in the alleged cheating scandal. While the truth behind the rumors remains unclear, Moozlie has moved on and is currently in a new relationship with a businessman.

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