Alleged Divorce and Cancelled Show Lead To Somizi’s Public Meltdown

Somizi’s usual bubbly personality faded this past weekend when he was contacted to comment about his show and his marriage by journalists. 

iHarare previously reported that Somizi deleted over 20 pics of Mohale on his Instagram account and It is now alleged that Somgaga’s marriage is over because of Mohale’s infidelity. 

Mohale was apparently not invited to his birthday party late last year because Somagaga found evidence of his cheating 24-year-old husband, hence he was spotted with Vusi Nova and taking so many images with him.

somizi's public meltdown

The journalist asked him: “Hi Somizi. My name is Julia from City Press newspaper. I am working on a story about you, I have it on good authority that you and Mohale are divorcing. Is this true? Why was he not invited to your birthday dinner a few weeks ago? Is infidelity on Mohale’s part the reason for your divorce?”

To which Somizi responded:

“ Pls make my year and write the story as I will sue the living hell out of you and yo publication for this crap ur asking me…get yo facts right or go join Sunday World.”

He then stated on his Instagram:

“So @city_press has become a tabloid….ok…two can play the game…”

He revealed the journalists’ cell phone number and his followers harassed the journalist by calling and messaging her non-stop.

Here are some comments regarding his marriage:

“Somizi and Mohale voluntarily rubbed their marriage/wedding on our faces, now that we are genuinely asking fair questions based on what we see they are fuming over nonsense! Hayi mabayonya sana once and for all. Rhaa! We are phakathi inside their marriage now! No turning back.”

 “He deserves the backlash that will come from this and to be media blocked. You can’t invite the media to your launches and parades then when the same media asks for accountability you swear at them. He could have just said no comment or referred the journalist to his PR.”

While the Idols SA judge is celebrating his huge milestone for his cookbook beating Jamie Oliver’s to highest selling in South Africa, his cooking show is put on ice.

Alleged Divorce and Cancelled Show

His cooking show; Dinner At Somizi’s, which was headed to season two after the success of the first season, has been put on hold as Hastings Moeng’s has claimed that the Idols SA judge and his producer; Legend Manqele stole the concept from him.

According to sources MultiChoice and Mzansi Magic were all set to renew the show but all that is screeching to a halt following the legal battle. 

Moeng states that he met Mhlongo and Manqele in person and has e-mail evidence that confirmed that he shared his concept document dating back to 2014 and in 2017.

However, the channel director for local entertainment channels at M-Net; Nomsa Philiso has decided to distance the station from the unfolding drama between Mhlongo and Moeng by saying: “Discussions on season two have not been had.”

Mhlongo lost his cool again when he was asked about the latest developments of season two of his cooking show: “Deadline yo msunu kanyoko, golo lika yihlo, u fucken abortion survivor.”

Here are some comments regarding his cooking show:

“He can say whatever he wants. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s a legal challenge against him.”

“Media can make you and it can destroy you at the same time… mark this. A few years from now someone will be needing friends in media to help build their image.”

“Things seem to be collapsing around this guy. City Press says his marriage is over and now SW says his cooking show is on ice. All this and it’s still the 18th day of 2021.”


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