“All Still Not Well”: Nomcebo Zikode and Open Mic Productions Still at Loggerheads

Grammy award-winning singer Nomcebo Zikode has expressed her deep concern regarding the misleading information circulating in the media, falsely suggesting that her highly publicized dispute with Open Mic Productions has been resolved.

According to Sunday World, Zikode vehemently condemned the inaccurate and damaging reports.

To set the record straight, it is important to clarify that a court order was issued in late 2022, mandating Open Mic and Zikode to engage in a joint venture agreement and resolve the unresolved matters between them.

The aforementioned unresolved matters initially came to light when Zikode publicly disclosed that she had not received any royalties for the immensely successful global hit single “Jerusalema” or her project “Xola Moya Wam.”

Despite the court order and Open Mic Productions’ assurance to address the issue, the record label did not fulfill their obligations within the specified timelines.

“Nomcebo is eagerly awaiting the finalisation of this matter so that she can continue with her recording plans and put out new music to further her career as a recording artist,” explained Sibo Mhlungu, CEO at IMG Africa, Zikode’s current management.

“We are unhappy with Open Mic’s delay, as we had jointly undertaken to adhere to clearly stipulated timelines on submission of all required information, which remains outstanding, thus prolonging the matter.

“Should this not be resolved in the coming weeks, we are certain that we’ll be going back to court.”

Recently, Open Mic Productions has been embroiled in a dispute with Makhadzi after the latter claimed that her contract with the recording label has expired.

Responding to the claims, the record label dismissed Makhadzi’s claim arguing that she working with them.

This dispute triggered a few more artist to speak against the label and accusing them of exploitating artists.


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