AKA (Image: AKA/Instagram)

AKA’s friend has explained why the Touch My Blood rapper shared his location on the day he was shot dead.

Social media users noticed that the things AKA posted on his Instagram account (like videos and check-ins) ‘exposed’ his location. But it turns out there was a good reason for it.

AKA Shot Dead
The late rapper AKA shot dead in Durban [Image Credit: AKA/Instagram]

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Philani Kweyama, a friend of AKA, explained why the rapper kept his fans informed about his location(s). Kweyama was one of the few people who spoke to AKA before he was tragically killed.

He said the rapper, who bagged numerous awards, was excited to check out a new restaurant in Durban and get a haircut. Philani Kweyama said that AKA was posting about where he was on social media to show people all the cool places he was visiting in Durban and promote the businesses.

“He called me earlier in the day and said, ‘Benni, I know you got a new spot; let’s go check it out. I want to go cut my hair at your place. I keep hearing about the food and the fish at your place; I want to come to eat at your place. Benni, don’t worry; today, I’m going to promote your business; I’m going to post. That’s why if you look at it, he was all like that. He was there to support all of us; he was there to support Durban,” Philani Kweyama told the eNCA during a live interview.

Recently, there have been rumours circulating online that one of AKA’s friends was responsible for the rapper’s tragic death. However, AKA’s family said that the rapper’s friend(s) had nothing to do with the assassination of the rapper.

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