Father AKA Funeral

There is a lot of stress and tension between the families of AKA and Anele Tembe following the couple’s tragic deaths.

On Saturday (18th of February), AKA was buried in a private ceremony at Heroes Acres in Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg. His family, close friends, and people he worked with attended the funeral to pay their last respects to the famous hip-hop artist.

 Father AKA Funeral
Anele’s father restricted from attending AKA funeral [Image credit: Twitter]

However, it has been revealed that AKA’s family did not allow Moses Tembe, the father of AKA’s late fiancee, to attend AKA’s funeral.

According to the Sunday World publication, Anele Tembe’s father wanted to attend AKA’s funeral to say goodbye to Anele’s ex-lover, but the rapper’s family allegedly blue-ticked him.

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AKA’s family told Moses Tembe that they were too busy, claimed the source under the condition of anonymity.

“They simply told him that they were busy,” said the source.

The source also revealed how the Forbes family reacted after learning that the Tembe family accused the Sim Dope rapper of murdering Anele.

AKA’s family were very upset by the claims made by the Tembe family and their decision to dispute the National Prosecuting Authority’s decision not to charge AKA with Anele Tembe’s death.

They believe the timing of the statements were not good as they were still mourning the untimely death of their beloved one,” said the source.

Meanwhile, the feud between the Forbes and Tembe families is still going on since the Tembes think that AKA was responsible for the death of Anele. The Tembes are still fighting to ensure that ‘justice’ is served.

On the other hand, Anele’s father is being accused of paying two shooters to kill AKA as revenge for Anele’s death.

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