AKA-Image Source(Instagram)AKA-Image Source(Instagram)

AKA Final Moments: Last Instagram Posts Before The Devastating Shooting

The South African community was devastated and shocked as the news of the death of Keirnan Forbes, a renowned Hip Hop artist known as AKA, spread through social media.

AKA had been a significant figure in the music industry for years and was seen as an inspiration of hope, bravery, and determination for many.

Rapper AKA Loses Life In Durban Shooting

Unfortunately, he was fatally shot on Friday evening while he was en route to a birthday celebration in Durban.

Just prior to his sudden death, AKA posted on Instagram, sharing his excitement with his fans about his plans to light up the city of Durban.

Image Credit: Instagram/AKA

In one of the memorable videos he shared, AKA was seen in a luxurious car, enjoying the newly released song “Black Out” by Nasty C. This poignant moment now holds a sense of finality, as it was the last time his fans would see him alive.

Watch the videos here.

Meanwhile, the police confirmed the tragic shooting of the rapper AKA and notified that the suspects are still at large.

“What we can confirm for now is that a well-known musician, 35 years old, and his bodyguard, who is said to be 34 years old, was shot and killed in Morningside on Florida Road on Friday night. 

“What we have for now is that a musician and his security detail were leaving supper in a restaurant. So as they were leaving for their vehicle, two unknown gunmen came across the street on foot and opened fire on them, killing them instantly. 

“Nobody else was quite injured apart from the two men who were killed. We will be investigating two counts of murder with the hope of finding the culprits and bringing them to justice.”

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