Cassper Nyovest AKACassper Nyovest with AKA(Image Credit: Mgosi)

Cassper Nyovest visited AKA’s family to show his respect to Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, who was shot and killed in Durban.

Cassper Nyovest went to the home of the Forbes family in Bryanston, Johannesburg, last Tuesday to show his respect.

According to Sunday World, Cassper Nyovest met with AKA’s family and discussed their supposed feud with the late Forbes. He told them that the rivalry between him and AKA was not as serious as people thought.

Cassper Nyovest AKA
AKA’s Family Welcomes Nyovest Into Their Home Despite “Beef” [Image: ZiMoja]

Contrary to what people thought, Cassper said he had a good relationship with the multi-award-winning artist AKA.

Cassper Nyovest arrived there and told AKA’S family that the much-publicised beef between him and AKA was over-exaggerated and that they were getting along very well and shared the same vision,” said the source.

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Nyovest told AKA’s family that he couldn’t attend AKA’s funeral or memorial service because he had a business trip.

“He then told the family that he would not be able to attend the funeral because he was flying out of the country on a business trip,” he said.

This development came after Cassper Nyovest was criticised on social media because he didn’t visit the Forbes family to show his condolences or attend AKA’s memorial and funeral service.

However, writing to Twitter, Cassper said he wished he could have gone to say goodbye to AKA since he shared great memories with the Sim Dope rapper.

“Unfortunately, I’ll be out of the country for work but if I was around I would’ve went. I would’ve went to the funeral too. No matter how you look at it, me and Kiernan shared a lot of great moments together and he contributed to my industry so I have to pay my respects, “Cassper Nyovest tweeted.

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