Noxolo Maqashalala Was Dead For A Week And Nobody Knew 

Eastern Cape-born actress Noxolo Maqashalala died some time earlier this month although her body was only discovered at her home in Johannesburg on Friday. The actress was 44 years old. According to preliminary forensic reports, the actress had been dead for about a week.

Noxolo Maqashalala’s death was confirmed by family friend Senyukele Zibobo, who revealed that the actress’s body was discovered at her Honeydew home. 

It seems that Noxolo had been dead for about a week and unfortunately, nobody seemed to know anything. Her death was only discovered after someone went to her home to deliver something. The person alerted the authorities after they realised that there was something off about the situation.  

“I received a call from her brother informing me of her death. Someone went to drop off something at her place and realised there was something strange.

“The forensic personnel told them that they suspected she had been dead for almost a week,” he said.

Noxolo Maqashalala Was Dead For A Week And Nobody Knew 


The police have also said that preliminary reports indicate that there was no foul play in the death of the actress. Police spokesperson captain Balan Muthan said that when the police arrived at the scene, the door was locked from the inside.  

The police made their way into the house through one of the windows. After getting inside, the police discovered Noxolo’s body. She appears to have died while she was in bed.  

“The police had to enter through a very small window. From our preliminary investigation, there was no foul play,” he said. 

Due to the lack of visible injuries, no signs of a struggle and no signs of forced entry, preliminary investigations have ruled out foul play.  

“There were no signs of forced entry into the house and no injuries seen at the time of preliminary investigation,” he said.

However, the police made it clear that the actress’s death is still under investigation and that the police will know how to proceed definitely once the postmortem, toxicology and pathology reports come out.

“At the moment, the matter is under investigation. We don’t know how she passed away,” 

Muthan said they were investigating a case of natural causes, “but we will have to wait for the reports from the pathologist and the postmortem,” he said.

Maqashalala was born in KwaBhaca (formerly Mount Frere).

Maqashalala was well known for her lead role as Viwe in the first three seasons of the 2003 SABC1 youth drama series Tsha Tsha. She also appeared on productions like Generations, Binnelanders, Diamond City, Gauteng Maboneng, The Kingdom-Ukhakhayi and Intersexions.


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