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Abandoned And Heartbroken| Dr. Nandipha’s Children Suffer As She Escapes With Convicted Murderer

Dr. Nandipha and Thabo Bester’s escape and the negative attention is now affecting their children.

Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, a well-known figure in both the medical and social spheres, is reportedly in a relationship with convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester, and is believed to have assisted him in escaping from the Mangaung Maximum Security Prison in May 2022.

According to reports, she facilitated his escape by swapping his body with a corpse brought in by a private vehicle.

After being exposed by GroundUp, the two fugitives, Dr. Nandipha and Thabo Bester, fled their rented mansion in Hyde Park, Sandton.

Adding to the suspicion of their intentions, Dr. Nandipha reportedly drove a luxurious Mercedes Benz across the Zimbabwean border and abandoned it there, leading to speculation that they were planning to leave the country.

Dr. Nandipha’s previous marriage resulted in two children who are now in the custody of her ex-husband because of her chaotic and hurried nature of her escape with Thabo Bester from their R12 million mansion.

As a result of her actions, her children are bearing the brunt of the situation.

Being a devoted mother, Dr. Nandipha’s flight with Thabo Bester has taken a toll on her children, with her missing her daughter’s birthday for the first time.

According to a source close to Dr. Nandipha, her daughter recently turned 11, but her mother’s absence made it a somber occasion for the young girl. The source shared the details of the day with ZiMoja.

“We have always celebrated her daughter’s birthdays whether we were at the restaurant or at her home. This time it felt awkward. We still don’t understand why she would mess up the beautiful life she had. Everyone is hurt by her life choices, from her parents to her ex-hubby.

“The father is a good man. If she was a clever girl, she should have stayed with him; none of this would be happening now.”

On the day of Dr. Nandipha’s escape with Thabo Bester, she dropped off her children at school and failed to pick them up. At first, they were informed that their mother had gone on a business trip, but the truth eventually came out.

Unfortunately, their school friends were aware of the situation and began to mock them.

“Right now, they haven’t been to school… until the drama dies down.”

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