A Timeline Of MacG Getting Fired

MacG continues to be a topic of discussion for making transphobic slurs on his podcast.

The podcaster and former radio host: MacG who has landed in hot water following comments made surrounding transgender women has also fired at YFM 10 years ago for playing an anti-gay broadcast. 

The host of Chill with MacG, and his radio host friend Sol Phenduka were chatting about their “confusion and misunderstandings” regarding the LGBTQI+ community, which offended Mzansi. 

Sol questioned why transgender women transition if they are attracted to women:

“You are going to have a sex change just to be with women? Now she’s lesbian. Why can’t you just be a man and be with a woman?”

MacG replied: “can’t keep up” when it comes to the trans identity. They then discussed celebrities who have allegedly dated transgender women. The hosts were joking around and laughing about ‘the logistics’ of being a trans woman.

Sol said: “So a transwoman, a woman with a d*ck”


After the outrage their conversation sparked, MacG and his co-host lost one of their podcast sponsors, Old Mutual, as a result.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Old Mutual said it was aware of the discussion on MacG’s podcast and as a responsible business that fully respects the rights of everyone, it had decided to terminate its relationship with the former radio host with immediate effect.

“We distance ourselves from the harmful comments against the LGBTQI+ community and humanity at large.”

When he got fired in 2010, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) fined radio station YFM R15,000 for his homophobic broadcast on air. 

In a statement to the BCCSA, YFM said:

“We expect our presenters to take a leadership role in ensuring that our listeners are constantly positively reinforced in the values of our constitution, including respect for sexual orientation, and will not tolerate any transgression in this regard.”

In its ruling, the BCCSA did not find that the broadcast contravened the code when it came to hate speech because while the insert and comments were “derisory as regards the presenter’s descriptions of certain alleged forms of gay sex” they did “not promote or glamorize violence based on sexual orientation”.

He was then fired on YFM and was replaced by DJ Warras recently commented:

 “I was ignorant myself. I wasn’t in a position to educate. I had a friend who put me on and made me wys.”


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