A Timeline Of Euphonik And DJ Fresh’s GBV & Rape Victims

The DJ’s have stepped down from their radio duties on 947 after a rape case was opened against the two of them by a woman who accused them of drugging and sexually assaulting her.

As DJ Fresh and Euphonik wait for their fate regarding the latest rape charges, Tweeps won’t let them forget what their ex-partners; Bonang Matheba and Penny Lebyane have said about them.

Here’s a timeline of what the women they’ve dated or been linked to the two DJ’s have said about them: 

Themba Nkosi: Euphonik

Bonang Matheba

The BNG creator opened a case of domestic violence against the DJ back in 2012 and has since stood by her story that he physically abused her during their toxic relationship which ended in the same year. 

Although she’s been silent about the latest rape scandal, even though other celebrities have spoken up against both Fresh and Euphonik, her supporters have brought up their past during the latest rape scandal.

A tweep tweeted:

“Bonang was bruised from being assaulted by Euphonik and people still called her hlanyo and that she was lying! What do you want from women exactly? The problem is not only the justice but the whole lot of apologists.”

Thato Sikwane: DJ Fresh

Penny Lebyane

Outspoken radio and television star; Penny Lebyane has also been mum regarding the latest rape scandal.

The former Metro FM DJ Penny shocked South Africans when during the height of the #AmINext protests shared horrid details about their relationship which ended in the early 2000s.

Lebyane said she found compromising pictures of teenage girls on the DJ’s laptop (although she didn’t name him specifically) and went on to hint that the entertainer had a thing for much younger girls. Lebyane has warned women to stay clear of the DJ as their daughters might be next. 

Outspoken poet; Lebo Mashile has also noted with caution that DJ Fresh and Euphonik have been implicated a number of times

She supported Lebyane by replying: 

I believe you Sisi. These two have been named in far too many stories of abuse. It’s consistent. I am so sorry that this is what you went through. No one deserves it. Thank hon for validating others who may be too scared to come forward right now.”

While there’s still an on-going investigation and we wait for further details, the debate around Fresh and Euphonik’s questionable track record is still continuing on social media.


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