British airways pilotBritish Airways-Image Source@imzansi

Recently, the airline industry witnessed a shocking incident involving British Airways pilot Mike Beaton that sent shockwaves throughout the aviation community. This unexpected scandal unfolded as Beaton, scheduled to co-pilot a flight to London the next morning, engaged in a night of debauchery that would lead to unforeseen consequences.

A Night of Excess and Revelations

On a Monday night in August, passengers aboard a flight from Johannesburg to London experienced an unexpected 24-hour delay due to an airline staffing emergency. Little did they know that this emergency was the result of a pilot’s extravagant night on the town.

Cocaine Party in Joburg Leads to Flight Delay and Career Fallout

The sordid details of Beaton’s evening, which he documented in text messages to a stewardess friend, were revealed. His descriptions left no doubt that he was in no condition to fulfill his duties as the first officer on the upcoming flight.

British Airways pilot
Mike Beaton-Image Source@imzansi

According to News24, Beaton’s night began at a local bar before progressing to the Grillhouse and Tiger’s Milk restaurant. Along the way, he encountered a “young Spanish bird” and a “Welsh chick,” joining forces with “two local lads who live in the compound.

The text messages detailed Beaton’s drug use, including a bizarre incident where he snorted cocaine from one of the women’s breasts after debating which woman’s breast would be best for the task. As the night spiraled further out of control, he returned the women to their hotel, where he engaged in a drug-fueled marathon sex session with his Welsh acquaintance.

Even after his friend expressed discomfort at the cocaine use, Beaton continued to boast about his exploits.

Consequences and Aviation Authority Response

The fallout from Beaton’s actions was swift and severe. The flight was canceled after his colleague reported him, and Beaton was flown home as a passenger. He underwent a drug test and was subsequently terminated from his position with British Airways.

Responding to inquiries, British Airways stressed that there had been no risk to passengers and emphasized their commitment to safety. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed that Beaton’s medical certification had been revoked, and if he wishes to return to aviation

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