A Father's Love| Murdah Bongz Shows Up For AKA's Daughter Kairo During Trying TimesMurdah Bongz with AKA’s daughter Kairo x Murdah Bongz with Dj Zinhle, Kairo and the Forbes family (screen grab from Dj Zinhle Instagram stories@djzinhle)

A Father’s Love| Murdah Bongz Shows Up For AKA’s Daughter Kairo During Trying Times

In the wake of AKA’s sudden and tragic passing, Murdah Bongz, the husband of Dj Zinhle, has already taken the role of a father figure in Kairo’s life.

A touching photo of Bongani ‘Murdah Bongz’ Mohosana holding AKA’s daughter has warmed the hearts of many in South Africa.

DJ Zinhle shared the heartwarming photo on her Instagram account, which appears to have been taken at the Mass Country album listening party on February 23rd.

In addition to the heartwarming photo, DJ Zinhle also shared a video on her Instagram account featuring Murdah Bongz and AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, at the Mass Country album listening event.

The video captured a special moment between the two, further emphasizing the love and support that AKA’s family and loved ones have received during this difficult time.

Many netizens have been amazed by the love and support shown by Murdah Bongz towards Kairo, and are praising him for stepping up as a father figure in her life.

The heartwarming image has sparked a wave of positive comments online, with many people applauding the family for their unity and strength during this difficult time.

Check out some of the reactions;


My heart just broke all over again. Bless Murdah’s heart 🙏🏾


I pray to God that dj zinhle’s marriage last forever, this guy looks like a good guy❤️


Heartwarming that he can be there for her like that. They need to stop chopping these onions, man.

Meanwhile, Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle’s one-year-old daughter Asante Mohosana was admitted to the hospital.
Dj Zinhle revealed the news on her Instagram stories but did not reveal what her daughter was ailing from.

So, Santy’s been in hospital since Monday and today she’s coming out,” she said.

The Indlovu hitmaker said that she has been crying every night because she could not stand leaving her daughter in the hospital.

“Daddy @murdahbongz has been suffering because I have been crying every night after visiting my baby. I could (not) stand leaving her in hospital,” she wrote.

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