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A Father’s Account: Katlego Bereng’s Life from Childhood to Death Moves Mzansi To Tears

The death of Katlego Bereng has left many fans in tears across social media. His father, Batho Mpholo, recently shared his son’s life story, which he describes as “miserable”. The Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha case, in which Katlego’s body was found in Bester’s cell, has been ongoing for some time. It was only recently that the DNA of the person used in Thabo’s escape confirmed that it was indeed Katlego Bereng.

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Katlego Bereng’s Miserable Childhood

According to Batho, he lost contact with Katlego’s mother when she was two months pregnant. This meant that Katlego grew up without the closure of a biological father. Batho and Katlego only reconnected in 2018, a few short years before Katlego’s death. Batho’s account of his son’s life is heart-wrenching, and it is clear that Katlego’s life was not an easy one.

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Confirmation of Identity after DNA

The burned body found in Thabo Bester’s cell was suspected to be Katlego Bereng, but it was not confirmed until DNA tests were conducted with his mother. The confirmation of his identity has given the family some closure, but it does not take away their pain. They still believe that there is more information to be uncovered about the real cause of Katlego’s death.

Thabo Bester's fire victim
Burnt Body identified-Image Source(Instagram)

A Difficult Time for Family and Friends

The loss of Katlego Bereng has left his family and friends in mourning. They had hoped that he would one day return to them, but the confirmation of his death has shattered that hope. It is a difficult time for all who knew him, and the pain will be long-lasting.


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