Thabo Bester

A Child Criminal Mastermind: How Thabo Bester Stole Thousands Of Rands At The Age Of Four

Since March 2023, South Africa has been left reeling as shocking details continue to emerge from convicted murderer Thabo Bester’s story.

The public remains puzzled as to how he was able to lure in Dr. Nandipha or how he managed to gain the loyalty of the entire G4S staff at the Mangaung Correctional Centre and put them on his payroll.

Moreover, the astounding revelation that the ‘Facebook Rapist’ reportedly amassed a staggering fortune worth more than R3 billion while serving his ten-year sentence in jail has left everyone baffled, with no clear explanation in sight.

Rich And Powerful While Jailed

Judge Edwin Cameron, an inspector for the Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Service (JICS), reported that despite his prolonged imprisonment, Bester had shown no signs of remorse and had seemingly increased his wealth while in jail.

And it seems his inclination to a life of crime and breaking the law started when he was still a preschooler.

At the age of four, people already disliked young Bester because he was already mastering the skill of stealing and lying.

How Thabo Bester Stole Thousands At Four

At the age of one, Bester was taken by his mother, Maria Mabaso, to live with his grandparents Johanna and Abel Bester.

He remained with them until he reached his late teens, at which point he left to pursue a life of crime.

At the age of four, Bester arrived home with a substantial sum of money.

His grandfather, Abel, was curious about where such a young child could have acquired such a large amount of cash.

When questioned about the source of the money, Bester claimed that he had received it from a businesswoman named Nelléne Louw in Kibler Park.

To avoid any trouble, Bester’s grandfather took him to visit the businesswoman. In a recent interview with IOL, Nelléne Louw recalled the events of that day.

When they arrived at her shop, Louw told Bester’s grandfather that she had not given the young boy any money and that he had stolen it.

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