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Controversial figure Cyan Boujee is firing back at MacG, the host of Podcast and Chill, who reportedly labelled her a prostitute. In a series of Instagram posts, Cyan Boujee expressed her strong discontent with MacG’s choice of words.

Instagram Drama: Cyan Boujee Takes MacG to Task for Insulting Remarks

The social media drama unfolded when one of Cyan Boujee’s followers brought to her attention MacG’s podcast segment where he allegedly referred to her as a prostitute, particularly criticizing her for twerking in front of young schoolchildren.

Responding on her Instagram, Cyan Boujee, known for her unfiltered comments and intolerance towards insults, fired back at MacG, suggesting that he resembled a squirrel.

She argued that MacG’s use of the term ‘prostitute’ was merely a sensational tactic to boost viewership. In a fiery response, Cyan Boujee even took a swipe at MacG’s wife, insinuating that she might be the actual prostitute, while highlighting the considerable age gap between MacG and his spouse.

“lol gotta get used to the hot topic phrase • that squirrel looking thing laughing out at the fact that I’m out on school tours is okay, but calling me a prostitute for views is where you draw the line. Your wife that looks 20X older than you is the actual prostitute 🤍”

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Cyan Boujee Fires Shots: Accuses MacG of Using Controversy for Views

Cyan Boujee blasts MacG-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Cyan Boujee argued that MacG has consistently displayed a negative attitude, targeting and criticizing young artists. She urged people to form opinions about her but emphasized the importance of maintaining respect, especially when expressing differing views.

“Have your opinion about me, but don’t swear at me then come back to smile in my face. Y’all supporting an actual premium hater that’s hating every young artist in the game. But the good thing is we keep accomplishing.”

In another post, she directly addressed MacG, reminding him not to use offensive language concerning her and to show respect, despite the significant difference in their career durations.

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“Being in the industry for DECADES and having a 22-year-old come in a year and make 10x what you’ve made is the kind of hate I understand, but I repeat, DONT SWEAR ON MY NAME. Keep your respect high for me because you know I’m one of the top 5 guests out of a million guests you’ve had that gave you one million views.”

Cyan Boujee Claps Back at MacG for Alleged Prostitution Remark

Sol Phenduka Targeted in Cyan Boujee’s Fierce Attack

MacG’s co-host, Sol Phenduka, didn’t escape Cyan Boujee’s fierce critique. She claimed that he was merely a puppet, capitalizing on the controversy for financial gain.

“And I don’t wanna talk about that dark blue, blob fish fat man. He’s just a puppet gaining coins from this, and I’ll be stooping 100 times low.”



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